Corporate Compliance Print
Amreteck® Pharma USA Corporate rules, laws and compliance: 
  1. CEO of Amreteck® holds the power and responsibility of the final decision for the business execution and corporate expenditure plan. 
  2. An investor, who owns at least 10% shares of the company at the end of the IPO year, automatically becomes a board of director at Amreteck® Pharma USA.  
  3. Total number of Amreteck® board of directors can be ten (10).   
  4. Board of directors can overwrite CEO decision by proxy (minimum 7 yes is required to overwrite CEO’s decision) 
  5. CEO informs and gets approval from the Board of Directors before any plan to expense above $100K in a single instance (PO).
Note:  Total Number of Board of Directors  is four (4) as of May 01, 2011   

Disclaimers: Amreteck® is not liable for the loss of your investment.  Profit and loss are depended on the market and business condition. Investor(s) will get quarterly statement of the current company financial status (Capital expense, operating expense, revenue, profits and business plan)